About us

Big mouse small elephant is a perception changing company focusing on people at work.

What do we want?

Well-being and involvement at work for people first.

Why do we want it?

Well-being and involvement at work increases initiative, creativity, personal development and influences positively on team-spirit and organisational performance. These in turn result in higher competitiveness, employee satisfaction, life satisfaction and happiness.

What do we do?

We make small changes happen. We build Self-learning organisations including: training academies, wiki knowledge bases and set clear standards supporting organisational goals.

How do we do it?

By providing tools for managing perceptions, attitudes and behaviors towards desired goals. We develop customised solutions based on practical experience and modern behavioral science.


What do we offer


Words can change the way you think, the actions you take and consequently the results you get. We perform on-site talks on specifically chosen topic, based on an agile communication style and audience involvement. We strive for our talks to be funny, informative and perspective-changing. Participants: 20-500 persons. Duration: 1-2 hours.


Insight-shop is our own developed type of work-shop concentrating on insights and their practical applications in private and public organisational environment. Here managers and decision-makers get practically useful tools to create, change and nudge behaviors, attitudes and perceptions. Participants: 4-20 persons. Duration: 1-5 days/occasions.

GAPs – Goal achievement programs

GAP focuses on long-term goal attainment and organisational development. We study, understand and plan actions together to close the gap between the current and desired results. Clear and powerful planning, follow-up and feedback tools guarantee high level of goal achievement. Participants: flexible. Duration: 3-24 months.

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