What we offer


Words can change the way you think, the actions you take and consequently the results you get. We perform on-site talks on specifically chosen topic, based on an agile communication style and audience involvement. We strive for our talks to be funny, informative and perspective-changing. Participants: 20-500 persons. Duration: 1-2 hours.


Insight-shop is our own developed type of work-shop concentrating on insights and their practical applications in private and public organisational environment. Here managers and decision-makers get practically useful tools to create, change and nudge behaviors, attitudes and perceptions. Participants: 4-20 persons. Duration: 1-5 days/occasions.

GAPs – Goal achievement programs

GAP focuses on long-term goal attainment and organisational development. We study, understand and plan actions together to close the gap between the current and desired results. Clear and powerful planning, follow-up and feedback tools guarantee high level of goal achievement. Participants: flexible. Duration: 3-24 months.

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