Who we are

Alex Berozashvili


My name is Alex Berozashvili. I work as an Perception Manager at Big mouse small elephant and I`m overall responsible for the company performance. My main focus is building customer relationships and delivering solutions that guarantee results.

I`m passionate about people, cultures, communication, motivation, decision-making, learning, leadership, art and games. For me, both in business and in private life people come first, then the rest.

I have master’s degree in Economics from Royal Institute of Technology – KTH and have experience from banking and finance, IT, HR and recruitment, entrepreneurship and research fields.

My free time I spend with my family and friends, like reading, spending evenings at home, watching movies, walking as well as traveling and learning about new cultures. I have a hobby since I was ten years old, I collect pens.

Kamil Bialas


My name is Kamil Bialas and my main competence is in leadership under difficult or extreme conditions as well as in crisis situations, and how experiences from emergency services and other high performance demanding businesses can be used to help assure trust building, team efficiency and good spirit.
I have graduated from Lund University as Mechanical Engineer (M.Sc.) and Fire Protection Engineer as well as Fire Service Officer from Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. Currently I work as Fire Safety Manager at Scania Transmission Manufacturing where I focus on crew training and development of the technical as well as organisational fire protection.
In my free time I exercise flamenco and latin dance with great commitment. I like also to study languages, cultures and history as well as socialize with family and close friends.

Johanna Levallius


My name is Johanna Levallius and I am a licensed Psychologist and researcher at Karolinska Institutet. My focus is to understand more about the relationship between personality and pathology.

I’m passionate about human development, therefore I also run a private practice in central Stockholm, for clients who seek greater well-being and personal development.

Before my current occupation, I ran a café & catering company in Göteborg. This invaluable experience taught me how to transform theories and ideas into relevant practice.

My role here at Big mouse small elephant AB, is to contribute with my extensive knowledge in how to work with development of teams and individuals alike, and how to evaluate outcome and give feedback.

Sir Richard Lewis

Sir Richard Lewis is widely considered as the father of modern cross-cultural categorisation and planning. Having been twice knighted for his services to the Finnish government on their entry into the European Union and, most recently, been granted the Founders’ Award of SIETAR, the most prestigious academic body in this field.

During the years Sir Richard Lewis has been involved in consulting many governments, international bodies and private organisations. World Bank, Finish Government, NATO, Chancellor of Germany, Nokia and Rolls-Royce are few of them Sir Richard has worked with.

Sir Richard Lewis has also consulted with Crown-princess Victoria of Sweden, Emperor Akihito of Japan, Finish Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen, Danish premier Minister and Secretary General of NATO - Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schröder to name few.

At Big mouse small elephant Sir Richard is Senior Advisor and contributes with his immense knowledge and experience in cross-cultural communications, leadership and organisational change.

Farkhod Yarmukhamedov


My name is Farkhod Yarmukhamedov and I hold a Master's degree in economics from the Royal Institute of Technology - KTH, Stockholm.

I started my first job when I was 17 and have experience from: automotive industry, scientific research, IT, advertising, restaurant and bakery business. Currently, I work as a consultant at OB Solution, UAB in Uzbekistan. I collect, analyse and present sales data for Samsung Electronics. I have a strong belief that everybody should have opportunity to feel good and involved at their workplace.

I contribute at Big mouse small elephant with my analytical skills, economical mindset and knowledge I have accumulated during past years.

I enjoy family activities, meeting new people, long conversations with people I adore, reading books, watching analytical videos, biking and long distance walking.

Ana Tuniashvili


My name is Ana Tuniashvili. I have a Master’s Degree in educational psychology and I am registered behavior technician (RBT). I work as a behavioural therapist at a Child Development Centre in Tbilisi with children who have different kinds of disability. I also work as a psychologist at a local kindergarten as well as I am responsible for leading various educational courses for parents, teachers and nurses.

On a daily basis I am involved in behavior analyses and my domain of interest includes educational development, learning processes, motivation, organisational and group behavior.

At Big mouse small elephant I contribute with my knowledge in behavioral analysis, group dynamics and gamification.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I try to lead an active, healthy lifestyle; I like swimming, practicing yoga and making handmade accessories.